Lawn Aeration/Dethatching

We provide commercial aeration
and dethatching services to all
areas of Perth, Western Australia

What is Lawn Aeration / Dethatching?


Your lawn is a constantly growing plant that can take a fair amount of activity. From vehicles parking on it, to constant foot traffic to sports being played and outdoor equipment being left. This can result in the soil becoming compacted which can affect the growth and overall strength of your lawn. If annual maintenance isn’t undertaken to loosen up this compaction, the grass will eventually suffocate and die.

Core aeration is the process in which we use a machine to make holes into the lawn and soil beneath. This allows:

  • the air, sunlight and water to flow freely through the root system.
  • creating a stronger, healthier and overall happier lawn.

Ideally, lawn aeration should be completed in Perth’s Autumn or Spring seasons before temperatures become too extreme in Summer or the lawn goes into hibernation mode over the cold months of Winter.



Thatch, is a thick layer of root systems that can form over long periods of time and can have a detrimental affect on your lawns overall health. This thick layer of root systems created a mat, or barrier, stopping key nutrients from penetrating the lawn and soil.

Left undisturbed, thatch can be a breeding ground for mosquitos, and other harmful pests, stop key nutrients from getting into the soil and lawns roots which, in turn, will stop your lawns from thriving.

Dethatching is the process in which we use machines to create vertical cuts into the lawn to help break up the thick layer of thatch that has been created. This will then allow adequate air, sunlight and water to once again penetrate the root system of your lawn and bring back its overall health.

Dethatching is recommended to be completed in Perth’s Spring / Autumn months and should be carried out annually to ensure a beautiful and healthy lawn all year round.

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