Steam Weeding

FPM is now offering Steam Weeding

Steam Weeding - What is it?

Steam weeding is the process of killing weeds using saturated steam

  • Water is heated to 98 – 103 degress Celsius
  • The steam is delivered at low pressure, but high volume
  • The heat causes the weeds cells to literally explode
  • Results are fast – hours, not days

Why is steam weeding better than traditional methods?

  • Exposure
    Steam weeding means no exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Customers, employees and the general public are not exposed to herbicides
  • The only by-product is water
  • No withholding periods after spraying
  • Resistance
    • Weeds can build up resistance to traditional herbicides over time, even with correct usage
    • Weeds have no resistance to high temperatures
    • All soft wooded annual and perennial weeds are vulnerable to steam.
  • Environment
    • Greatly reduced herbicide use
    • No threat to water ways, pets, wildlife
    • No drift
    • No dangerous spills
    • Organic
  • Long Term Savings
    • No resistance
    • No costly chemical products and accessories – just tap water!
    • No weather restrictions – control weeds in all conditions
    • Fast results – hours, not days
    • No health or legal concerns

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