FPM Landscaping Services

Mowing, Edging, Whipper Snipper & Blower Vac Pathways

The foundation of any great outdoor space is a thoughtfully considered, well maintained and dare we say manicured lawn area. Our pride in doing the basics right - every time - will help ensure your lawn area is always presented at its very best.

Slashing Open Spaces

An unsightly, overgrown open space attracts attention for all the wrong reasons. Get it under control with our professional time and cost effective slashing solutions that are perfect for larger grassed areas.

Weed & Pest Management

Understanding the specific life cycle of weeds and pests can help to eradicate them quickly and efficiently. Our highly effective range of selective herbicides and pesticides treat a large range of weeds and pests without damaging your lawns or gardens.


We all understand that water is a precious resource so our reticulation solutions are specifically tailored to meet your watering needs in the most effective way possible. From simple drip irrigation systems to fully engineered, installed and controlled solutions, we have the expertise to meet your growing needs.


While fertilisers have an important role to play in the overall health and abundance of your soil and garden spaces, it is important to know what is the best fertiliser to use, when it should be applied and how much is required. Over fertilising can be as detrimental as under fertilising so we will work with you to develop a plan that is perfectly suited to your garden.

Gardening & Pruning

Keep your gardens looking great all year round with our general gardening, garden maintenance and pruning services. Regular selective pruning will help maintain the shape and health of your plants while also promoting flowering and fruiting. It’s also a great opportunity to remove any dead, damaged or diseased growth that is detrimental to overall plant health.

Lawn Aeration

You may be surprised to know that, in addition to water, your lawn also needs to breathe to keep it looking at its best. Aerating your lawn allows oxygen and sunlight to penetrate the soil structure. This in turn results in improved water absorption, enriched soil nutrition and the promotion of a stronger root system. And as we all know, the stronger the roots, the healthier and more resilient your lawn will be.

Steam Weeding

Our unique Saturated Steam Weeding service provides a natural, safe and chemical-free alternative to weed control. Steam generated from pure heated water is delivered at low pressure and high volume to the offending weeds. The heat literally causes the weed cells to explode resulting in a treatment that is much faster and more efficient than conventional methods on all soft, wooded, annual and perennial weeds. Results are typically observed in hours, not days.


There’s no denying that a newly mulched garden looks great but the benefits of mulching go way beyond that. From improving the health of the soil to reducing evaporation/water usage, promoting healthy plant growth, regulating soil temperature and assisting with weed control, our mulching service will help ensure optimal conditions for your prized garden to thrive.