Residential Design & Construction

From Contemplation to Creation

The power of outdoor spaces to generate a sense of relaxation, contemplation, inspiration or even joy drives our passion for creating stunning landscaped sanctuaries that you, your family and friends can be proud of.

By combining your vision with our 30-plus years of landscape design experience and technical know-how, we can guide you through all stages of the process and help you explore the various options that best suit your space, lifestyle, aspirations and budget.

From roll-on lawn to custom built feature screens, fire pits and/or bespoke feature lighting, we aim to create your perfect outdoor space that maximises your property’s potential and complements both your building design the natural resources that already exist in and around your garden.


Propagating Partnerships

The success of our landscape design service lies in the partnership that is fostered between you and our passionate, high experienced team.

From the initial consultation through planning, sketching, revision, 2D design rendering, lighting, hardscaping, softscaping, specific feature inclusions, soil analysis, plant selection, plant establishment and ongoing maintenance, we project manage the entire process in direct partnership with you to ensure your vision and your reality are perfectly aligned.


The FPM Advantage

A thoughtfully designed and maintained outdoor space is a great investment that can be a sanctuary for the owner; a space that promotes calmness, enhanced mood and general well-being and that creates a positive impression for visitors.

As a personal reflection of your individuality, no two spaces are the same, so we will actively seek to engage with you throughout each process to ensure the space is uniquely yours.

To find out more, or to book a consultation contact any of our friendly team.

Examples of our projects